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XIV Balkan Conference on Operational Research (Virtual BALCOR 2020) Operational Research in the Era of Digital Transformation and Business Analytics

"Initiatives for developing an Intelligent System in transportation"
Focused on data analytics and developing digital intelligent services in the sector of air transport


30 September - 3 October 2020, Thessaloniki, Greece


Conference chair:

Dimitrios Dimitriou Professor Associate, Dept of Economics, Democritus University of Thrace, Greece,

General Information:

The main objective is to promote research outputs in field of data management in sector of transport. The workshop is supported by EN.I.R.I.S.S.T project (, which is co-financed by Greece and the European Union - European Regional Development Fund and consists of 11 partners (8 Educational Institutions and 3 Research Centers). EN.I.R.I.S.S.T is the National Research Infrastructure that supports and promotes research in the shipping, transport and logistics sectors in Greece. The program key objective is to create a multi-dimensional institution of economic and research development for Greece, creating new and enhancing existing networks that will ensure the flow of knowledge and information. The key targets of EN.I.R.I.S.S.T deals with the formation of an intelligent research and business platform to support critical business activities and businesses in sector of supply chain and transport.


  • Data needs, requirements and outputs in sector of transport

Analysis of the key data towards development of a National Infrastructure providing Intelligent Services in transport.

  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in transport: key challenges and best practices

The framework of GDPR in Europe, with a special focus on Greece, highlighting key challenges for data management and promoting best practices will be analyzed.

  • Analysis of the key demands towards development of an Intelligent System focused on air transports

The results of the questionnaire survey highlighting the needs, the expectations and the level of analysis for developing a National Infrastructure on Transport Intelligent services will be presented. The key challenges in data analytics and the framework for developing services in sector of air transport will be analyzed, providing best practices and areas for innovation.

  • Strategic plans towards contingency and demand recovery in air transport

Traffic contingency is the cornerstone of the business planning in aviation sector, which is heavily affected by Covid-19. In this session, the data analysis framework to support strategic planning in aviation sector will be discussed.

  • Data management in air transport

The scope, the objectives and the analysis framework to develop services in the frame of an National Intelligent Transportation System will be provided, while the modeling framework and the key outputs will be presented.

Conference Material