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Valuable Investment Projects for Reasonable Infrastructure Development

Vip4Ride – Network of experts

Vip4Ride is a network of thematic experts. Their activities deal with the planning, management and economics for infrastructure project planning, management and economics specified in supply chain and especially in sectors of Transport and Energy.

Their areas of specialism include:

  • Infrastructure planning
    • Sustainable infrastructure planning and management
    • Development and evaluation of enterprises sustainability plans
    • Project management and re-engineering
    • Asset portfolio management
  • Business Planning
    • Business analytics
    • Performance monitoring
    • Project financing assessment
    • Demand modelling and budgeting;
  • Economic valuation
    • Asset valuation and added value estimation
    • Infrastructure project appraisal
    • Asset evaluation and management
    • Capex due diligence


  • Operational Management
    • performance assessment
    • efficiency monitoring
    • Market functioning and segmentation
    • Pricing, yield management and inventory control
  • Skills creation and professionals mentoring
    • Job creation - job description
    • New Skills supply and lifelong learning
    • Carrier mentoring and development
    • Education and training support
  • Artificial Intelligence and block chain
    • IoT in action;
    • Artificial Intelligence and smart business transformation
    • Innovation and startups mentoring
  • Social responsibility
    • CSR planning and mentoring
    • Socioeconomic effects estimation and actions development
    • Occupational health and safety
    • Contribute to actions towards sustainability and environment protection

The Vip4Ride works closely with the experts to assess and support projects and actions towards sustainable infrastructure investments, operation, management and development. It supports activities to produce new ideas, support new project development and promote innovation in supply chain, as well as giving advice to stakeholders and decision makers on a diverse range of themes, projects and research related to sustainable project development.

The network core activities are driven by Dimitrios Dimitriou, Professor Assoc. in Democritus University of Thrace.

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