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Tuesday 12/10/2021

Session I - Overview of Research in Supply Chain 

State of the Art Research in Transport and Supply Chain 

Dimitrios Dimitriou, Associate Professor

Chair of 2nd Int. Conference on Intermodal Transports, Dept. of Economics, DUTh 

The Challenges for Studies and Research in U.S.A

Evangelos Kaisar, Professor 

Multimodal Intelligent Systems Laboratory, Florida Atlantic University

Will Government Net Zero Carbon Objectives Limit Aviation Growth?

Callum Thomas, (em) Professor

Manchester Metropolitan University

New Trends in Managing Performance in Transport Enterprises 

Maria Sartzetaki, Assistant Professor 

Dept. of Economics, DUTh

OHS in Air Navigation Services 

Dr. Stylianos Zantanidis, Research Fellow 

Dept. of Economics DUTh

Session II - PhD Research Outputs in Supply Chain and Large Infrastructure Management 

Measuring Sustainable Development: The case of the critical infrastructure

A. Karagkouni, PhD Candidate
Department of Economics, DUTh

Accessibility and event planning for Cultural Infrastructure
I. Kalenteridou, PhD Candidate
Department of Economics, DUTh

Mathematical Optimization Model for Minimizing the Autonomous Robots Logistic Cost via Artificial Intelligence Algorithm

V. Antonoglou, Graduate Research Assistant Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatics Engineering, Florida Atlantic University

CBA Analysis of Energy Projects
P. Zeimpekis, PhD Candidate
Department of Economics, DUTh

Project Management Techniques Towards Maritime Efficiency
G. Sklias, PhD Candidate
Department of Economics, DUTh

The resilience of business ecosystems in the post-COVID-19 era: Notes on the European Recovery and Resilience Facility
D. Chatzinikolaou, PhD Candidate
Department of Economics, DUTh

The importance of medical facilities for international tourist arrivals
P. Apalaki, PhD Candidate
Department of Medicine, DUTh

Session III - Research outputs and Relevant Research Fields

The impact of the pandemic Covid-19 on the Digital Transformation and the organizational change in driving schools
E. Nousopoulou, M. Kamariotou, F. Kitsios
University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki

Social media platforms and travel planning information: Measuring users’ perceived value and trust
E. Moustaka, E. Mitsopoulou, M. Kamariotou, F.Kitsios
University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki

Assessing Customer Satisfaction in the Greek 3PL Market
C. Tzoulias, M. Madas, F. Kitsios
University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki

Intention to use & customer satisfaction towards mobile payments services: An empirical study

A. Sideri, M. Kamariotou, F. Kitsios University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki

Freight Data-Efficient Management in Safe and Secure Truck Parking Areas within the Single Window Framework
M. Kouta, A. Koukounaris, K. Marousi
Department of Civil Engineering, University of Patras

Economic Assessment and Recommendations for Future Development of Energy Pipelines
M. Karagkouni
MSc in Energy, Environmental Technology and Economics, City, University of London

OHS for the supply chain enterprises

S. Mixafenti MSc in OHS, Department of Medicine, DUTh 

Media Tool for Destination Marketing: The case of Alexandroupolis
A. Minardos
Research Fellow, Department of Economics, DUTh

Wednesday 13/10/2021

Session: New Books/Publications, DUTh

“Future Policies and Strategies for Nation Branding''

Victoria Pistikou, Associate Professor, DUTh

“Outsourcing and Offshoring”

Dimitrios Dimitriou, Associate Professor, DUTh

“Air Traffic Management and Control”

Dimitrios Dimitriou and Stylianos Zantanidis, Department of Economics, DUTh

“Educational Book for Primary & Secondary School Students''

Maria Lambropoulou, Professor, Department of Medicine, DUTh

Thursday 14/10/2021

Professor (Em) George Chatzikonstantinou Session on the Honorary Book

Chatzikonstantinou George Prof (em) Honorary Book - Introductory Speech by Professors Part A  
Professors: Dimitrios Dimitriou, Evangelos Drimpetas, Pantelis Sklias
Chatzikonstantinou George Prof (em) Honorary Book - Introductory Speech by Professors Part B  
Professors: Spyros Roukounas, Nikolaos Varsakelis, Konstantinos Chatzakis

Gala Dinner 

Academics Awards

Awards of Professors: Alexandros Skapardonis, Aristotelis Naniopoulos, Evangelos Kaiser, Evangelos Bekiaris

Professional Awards

Awards of AKRITAS SA, PRISMA SA, International Airport of Heraklion Crete SA, Prof. Dimitrios Dimitriou (DUTh)